Score More with Special Memory Techniques

New batch starts from 22 June 2020. The timings of the batch will be 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM

• A brilliant and scientific way of learning.
• Brain Science training program is based on scientific techniques of studying, that help
students in:
1) Better Academic Result – increased exam result percentages.
2) Faster Memorization -improved and trained memory which reduces the time taken to cover
and memorize the syllabus.
3) Strong Retention – Students / Individual will remember things for a very long period of time.
4) Quick and Accurate Recollection- Less mistakes in exams because of accurate recollection.
5) Development of Holistic Success Skills for Life- Not only it will cover the academic result but one will also see the improvement required for great life and desired success.

This course will be conducted by:
Dr.Vinod Sharma
India's no.1 brain science expert, an auther, a guinness world record holder with 15 years of experience in brain science, memory training and education psychology.

Course Duration: 12sessions
Session Duration: 1 hour

More Information
Age 9 years and above