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Coding imparts logical and analytical thinking along with creativity and problem-solving skills. Today, technology is the first step to innovation. Why not give this power to a child and see the magic unfold? Research has shown a positive correlation between coding and academic performance. We almost don't have books! All concepts are taught through activities. We measure the effect the program is having on your child through Impact Reports. With an average teacher student ratio of 1:5, we ensure every child gets full attention.Languages we are teaching (HTML /CSS) as well. Eg. of a website created by a child

Course Duration: 10 sessions
Session Duration: 60 minutes

"This course will be conducted by:
The educator Keerthana is an Electronics and Communication engineer with more than a decade of work experience in the technology space. She’s been teaching kids coding at MindChamp, for a year due to her love for imparting knowledge to students and has excellent reviews about her from all."

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Age 11 years to 15 years