Musical Storyvaganza

Stories are a wonderful medium to transport one's mind to the beautiful world of Imagination. I would love to be a part of the 'Live Story Session in English' for the age group above 5 years in the Online Summer activity program at Amity. It gives me immense pleasure to announce that I have presented Amiown Kahaani Tree at 'Bookaroo children's literature festival'. I personally love to use Jingles in between the stories to attract and engage all kinds of listeners.

In this worshhop I would love to present a Bengali folktale from my childhood series of stories 'Tuntuni' (tailor Bird) - a great author's creation and I deeply want today's young generation to listen to this old classic though it is not like the Fairy Tale ones.

Tuntuni aur Naie (Barber) ki Katha

Story related interesting activities are:
*Story Shaker Activity
*Tingle Jingle Activity

This course will be conducted by Ms. Shilpa Mukherjee Ghosh
A passionate storyteller and teacher at Amiown - Amity's Caring Preschool, believe that stories can be one's best friends.



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Age 5 years and above