Micro Refresher Course for Spanish

This program is designed to give an overview of Spanish language such that at the end of the course, participants will have acquired novice level proficiency. They will be able to:
Introduce themselves to others.
Describe themselves or others giving information about their personality, family relationship, interests and hobbies.
Give and request personal information such as name, age, nationality and profession. Talk about their likes, dislikes and preferences. They will be able to communicate location of places, weather and appearances.

"This course will be conducted by:
Teaching is my greatest passion. I have more than five years of experience. I have completed my masters in Hispanic Studies and graduation in English literature from Delhi University. My experience and the various programs I attended in my career have honed my ability of imparting knowledge of Hispanic language and culture. I have also given Spanish language training to executives of ONGC Videsh Limited which boosted my confidence of enhancing my students’ efficiency and capabilities."

Course Duration: 8 sessions
Session Duration: 1 hour

More Information
Age 18 years and above