Micro Refresher Course for Japanese

New batch starts from 23 June 2020. The timings of the batch will be 5:15 PM to 6:15 PM

Level: Basic 1(Conversation Course)
Course Contents:
1. Introduction about Japan and Japanese Language.
2. Basic Greetings (audio-videos).
3. Self Introduction(5-6 lines).
5. Counting Numbers upto 100 & Ask for Telephone Number.
6. Family members with small conversation.
7. Days of the Week and Days of the Month and Time Expression.
8.Famous food, places, festivals of Japan.
9.Seasons and weather of Japan.
10.Simple sentences on day to day life.

Course Duration: 10 sessions
Session Duration: 1 hour

This course will be conducted by:
Rashmi Shankar

More Information
Age for ages 8 and above