Indian Folk and Contemporary Art

In this workshop you will learn:
Session 1: Introduction to the Indian Folk art : where did it originate from, difference between authentic Madhubani art and contemporary art.
Session 2: What is ‘Bharni’ and ‘ Kachni’ in Madhubani art.
Session 3: Borders in Madhubani paintings.
Session 4: Leaves and branches in Madhubani art.
Session 5: Motifs : Different types of flowers.
Session 6: Motifs : Birds like Parrot, Ducks and Peacock.
Session 7: Water Animals and insects : Tortoise, Fishes, Honey bee and butterfly in both ‘bharni’ and ‘kachni’ Madhubani styles.
Session 8: Other Animals: Elephant, Horse, Cow and Deer in Madhubani styles and patterns.
Session 9: Background styles and patterns.
Session 10: Sun God Painting and its importance in Madhubani art.
Session 11: Faces and facial expressions of human figures and animals, different types of eyes in Madhubani paintings of human figures and animals.
Session 12: Making a complete Madhubani painting depicting all the patterns and styles.

Materials Required:

* Drawing Sheets/ A4 sized sheets
* Fine pencils, Eraser, Scale
* Colours (Pencil colours/ Fine tip Scetch Pens or drawing pens/ Coloured markers/ Acrylic colours and fine brushes if available)

Course Duration: 12 Sessions

Session Duration: 1 Hour

More Information
Age 12 years and above