Communication Skills

1. Meaning of communication and types - Formal and Informal
2. Barriers to communication and measures to overcome these barriers.
3. Listening skills - Meaning and what observational skills are needed to fully understand the message being conveyed?
4. Non-verbal communication involving body language,gestures and eye movements.
5. Importance of clarity - How to choose the right words to deliver a message?
6. Importance of being concise - Using fewer, well chosen words to convey a message.
7. Being confident - Conveying the right message with the most appropriate non-verbal communication.
8. Being personable - A friendly tone and a warm smile can go a long way.
9. Being patient - How to be composed and not rushing in conveying your message?
10. Questioning Skills - How to raise questions on the message being conveyed?
11. Connectivity - How to connect with people hearing you?
12. Emotional connect - How to emotionally guage the people listening to you?

Number of Sessions:12
Session Duration: 1 hour

More Information
Age 14 years and above