Combo Pack 3 (4 Days Workshop)

Session 1: Rangoli Making
In this session we will learn to make rangoli by wastes.
Session 2: Avoid Mistakes in Exams
In this session you will learn how to avoid mistakes in exams and score better.
Session 3: Impactful Public Speaking
In this session you will learn
* What is Public Speaking
* Where can I use Public speaking
* Benefits of Public Speaking
* Barriers of Public speaking
* Guidelines of Public Speaking
* Do’s & Don’t of Public Speaking
Session 4: Basics of Photography
In this session you will learn about the Introduction to Digital Photography, Camera, Lenses & Accessories, Working and Understanding of a camera.

Course Duration: 4 Sessions
Session Duration:

Session 1: 60 Minutes

Session 2: 90 Minutes

Session 3: 60 Minutes

Session 4: 120 Minutes

More Information
Age 12 years and above