Combo Pack 2 (4 Days Workshop)

In this session we will make 3D colourful flowers using colourful papers.
Session 2: From Confusion to Confident
In this session we will learn how to transform from confused to confident.
Session 3: Live Storytelling Sessions
In this session we will organize live story telling sessions for children and adults wherein they can pay and attend the session and listen to the dramatised story narration.
Session 4: Be Great Student (Professional Etiquette)
In this session we will learn:
* Etiquette during school hours
* Etiquette after school hours
* How to behave in a class online as well as offline
* Being the representative of the school
* How to be a responsible student

Course Duration: 4 Sessions
Session Duration:

Session 1: 60 Minutes

Session 2: 90 Minutes

Session 3: 50 Minutes

Session 4: 60 Minutes

More Information
Age 9 years and above