Career in Space

The Society for Space Education Research & Development (SSERD), is the community committed to elevate and foster the space education and research universally. As a body we emphasize on providing an innovative and exciting hands-on Space education as well as update our present generation students about the National and Global advancements since there is a lack of updated information in the current textbooks from over 15 years.

Session 1: Aeronautics, Aviation and AME
Session 2: Space Scientist and Space Engineer
Session 3: Astrophysics and Astrobiology
Session 4: Other Space Career (eg: Astronaut, Space Law, Space Doctor etc)
Session 5: Universities and Colleges

This course will be conducted by:

Nikhitha C is a co-founder and CEO of SSERD, with a Bachelor's Degree in Aerospace Engineering, Nikhitha has completed Space Studies from ISU, France. Nikhitha comes with 5 years of teaching experience and has traveled to 4 different countries to teach about Space Science and Technology.

Course Duration: 5 Sessions
Session Duration: 1 Hour

More Information
Age 13 years to 20 years