Building Lego Planter

"Children participating in this workshop will build a LEGO Planter.
Number of Sessions:- 1
Duration of Session:- 40 min
Age:-3 to 6 years
Material Required
* 40 to 50 LEGO Blocks (2 x 2, 2 x 3 & 2 x 4)
* 1 Paper Cup
* 1 small home planter
* 1 A4 Size plain paper
* 1 LEGO base plate"

This course will be conducted by:
Mrunal Shah is the founder of Sunday Bricks - a weekend LEGO workshop that aims to enthrall the children and helps bring out spatial thinking and creativity. The objective is to motivate the concept of ‘Learning Through Play’ and help children develop significant skills using bricks.

More Information
Age 3 years to 6 years