Basic Vedic Maths

Session -1
Introduction of Vedic Math
Practice for Addition and Subtraction
Session -2
Multiplication with 11 to 19
Session -3
Multiplication of Factors
Multiplication with 2 digit numbers ending with 9
Session -4
Multiplication of Sequent numbers
Multiplication with 2 digit numbers, where last digit’s total is 10 and the first digit is the same
Session -5
Multiplication of Duplex and Triplex numbers
Session -6
Nikhilam Sutra
Session -7
Doubts clearing and Practice
Session -8
Urdhva Triya Bhyam
Session -9
Division with Single Digit
Session -10
Division with Doube Digit
Session -11
Square of double-digit numbers
Session -12
Square of triple-digit numbers
Session -13
Square of numbers ending with 5
Session -14
Cube Practice
Session -15
Calculation of 4th Power of a given 2 digit number
Session -16
Calculation of Time, Distance, etc
Doubts clearing and Practice

Course Duration: 16 sessions
Session Duration: 1 hour

"This course will be conducted by:
Mr. Lovedesh Gupta
Qualification - Post Graduate (M.Com adn MBA)
Vedic math teaching Experience 11years
Owner and Master trainer of Vedic math for Universal Abacus INC Academy. Already trained more than 100 franchises and moire than 1000/- students."

More Information
Age 12 years and above